Since last time, a lot has happened. Everything from being a involved in courses studying on double speed and preparing the final thesis to having the social networks and plans completely rewritten. As a result of this, the online activity has decreased a little bit, but an overhaul of the website is happening under the […]

Since last time, quite a lot has happened. The thesis paper of 2019 is completed, and some less fortunate events happened during completed and some less fortunate events happened during the summer that took my original update schedule and threw it out the window. So instead of a summer of productivity it has been a […]

Since the initial rebranding last month, a lot of things have happened. Courses have been attended, reassigned and taken on with the outmost presicion. A new project in the making that will, conducted with help of people with there roots in China, Russia, Sweden and USA. If everything goes according to plan, and the outcome […]