For some time I have managed to keep my hopes up, but now I have my first major backlash in a very long time. The light in my life has ceased to exist as it turned itself out on its own, that in combination with everything else is just getting too much for me to handle. Without any light… I’m as good as dead.

As a response to that… I will hereby cut myself off from almost every social media and messaging app that I am available on. I will turn introvert again and just try to focus on my life, because if there is something that I have learned – is that all you have in the end is yourself… no one else. Same¬†pattern¬†over and over again. I get it, I’ll stop bothering you. I don’t know what I’ll do to myself but time will tell… for better or most likely worse

To the two people who I have ever truly wholeheartedly loved, L and E… I haven’t changed my opinion about you even the slightest… you still hold a special place in my heart at the very core of my being… and always will – Thank you.

Goodbye… for now


As I’ve mentioned in the last post I have been in a rather troublesome point in life and stress and anxiety on top of that didn’t make things any better. Throughout December I have recieved plenty of news, managed to get lots of things off my chest and I have a structured plan for the future. The past week can really be described with two words “plot twist”.

I have now returned back to the scene of the crime and immediately saw how I must have felt when I left there a month ago. So I am typing as a break of going through my belongings, cleaning up and hopefully start of fresh as I am ending this semester next week and start the new the week after that.

There’s no surprise that I’ve been absent for some time. I have during that time been thinking about what I need and what is necessary – necessary for me to be able to make the most out of my life next year

I have during the last month of 2016 to take a step back and sort things out in my life. Something that, surprisingly I may add, was generally well recieved. Sure there was some mixed reactions at first but I am having a plan in mind. That is because in the last couple of months of 2016 I’ve had my visions crushed and feet swept away of by people with authority – taking back what they’ve said would be possible and made my life harder.

Not to mention that I have been in touch with a variety of people throughout the year, and I am intending to focus on myself this year. Maintaining the contacts I wish to keep and let other ones go. I am going to make the cringe statement that “This will be a year of change” – mainly because this year will be a year of changes, ineviteble changes. And as I am writing this – the process have already been ut to action and it started already weeks ago.

With that said, here is what I will do in 2017

Sort my life out – take a step back and focus on the present in order to prepare the future.
Get in touch with someone to help with my mental instabilities.
Stay in touch with my loved ones and take up contact with people I’ve lost.
I have a vision, and in order to start the work to get there I need to complete my plans for 2017. That will give me a giant leap to where I want.
I am also planning to get more active online, social medias and as head administrator – co founder of a frequeently used group chat room.

My friends
I will pick out the ones of you I want to keep in my life that I haven’t been talking to in recent times. Due to major personal complications.

My readers
Thank you so much for still sticking around – but be prepared for a change.
Because my year is already taking me in a completely direction, and with that – I want to make something of this page, a new rework of style – content and activity.

Thank you for your time reading this and I’ll keep you guys posted.
Blessed be!