Newsletter – June 2020

Since last time, a lot has happened. Everything from being a involved in courses studying on double speed and preparing the final thesis to having the social networks and plans completely rewritten. As a result of this, the online activity has decreased a little bit, but an overhaul of the website is happening under the hood, a planned transfer to a new web host, code and flowcharts have been completely rewritten and there’s more to come. Reason why this hasn’t happened yet is that the current contract is valid through February 2021, allowing me to prepare everything to perfection with new content, layouts and much more.

At this very moment (May 27th), I have just finished the graduation ceremony from my international master’s programme at Umeå University. It is for sure the end of an era in my life, and I am now taking a step forward, looking for positions, opportunities and more both in the country and abroad. I have currently no exact plan what that will be, however, internships, PhD’s and other work-opportunities with the fields of behavioural/cognitive sciences and informatics across Europe and the Americas are what I am on the lookout for every day now.

Lastly, Thank you for everyone who have stuck around for as long as you have, there has been a lot of changes in recent times and all I can say is that together, we can take the next step in order to create the future a better place for us all.