Newsletter – April 2019

Since the initial rebranding last month, a lot of things have happened. Courses have been attended, reassigned and taken on with the outmost presicion. A new project in the making that will, conducted with help of people with there roots in China, Russia, Sweden and USA. If everything goes according to plan, and the outcome deemed satisfactory, the outcome of this project of conceptual exploration will be available on the portfolio page once everything is finished by the summer. Furthermore, a project on institutional international recruitment has been conducted with great response from the heads of the institution. Permission of upload is pending.

However, there have been some complications regarding the streamlined work process that was planned regarding this site and other social media activity. The reasons for these are related to personal matters, and technical diffuculties with my main build suffering from bugs and crashes. The responsible IT-person will be on it in due time, the main obsticle being our current work hours.

In other news.
An interesting job offer was turned down after taken into consideration all the living expenses, costs of moving there and how they expected things to be done in relation to the salary (full time for a lot less than the minimum vage). These were things that were expressed in a requitment page information update in the 11th hour from their end. This was an unfortunate change of events, since they are otherwise doing a great job, and reading their application information made my personal life goals form. You will recieve a personal letter soon as a sign of my appreciation, until then, keep up the good work, you are doing a great job in the community. In the meantime, links to other companies that are currently hiring people of my merits and skillset have been recieved. That is one of the reasons why a resumé page is under construction, the bio is being reworked, and three portfolio entries are currently taking form.