The 2019 Reboot

In March 2017, this site was put on an indefinite hiatus due to personal reasons and have since then been slumbering, still managing to achieve severe spikes during the content drought. For those of you who have stuck around despite all that: There is some good news coming your way, right now.

As of March 2019, a complete overhaul will take place as a part of a larger makeover involving everything from social media presence to interpersonal communication. Furthermore, frameworks and strategies as of how to achieve the new long term goals either have been or currently are being constructed. This means that this site and others will, some already have, see changes coming to them. Social media presence will be increased, connections will be looked through and any of the loose ends that were left lying in 2017 will be wrapped up – all to create a successful reboot and a clean start for the future.

Now to what is related to this site: The ones from the old days may have noticed that the site already doesn’t look the same. The old posts have been removed, a new modern minimalist design have been implemented and the menu systems have been reworked and the list goes on. When everything is in place, this will be much more than a blog like it used to be – it will be a platform for my personal brand. Updates are already happening on daily behind the scenes and one by one, the different sections of this site will be filled up with content and unlocked. And to the old followers of mine: Don’t worry about the old posts, plenty of that will come back reworked and polished to fit the new design.