The end of an Era

For some time I have managed to keep my hopes up, but now I have my first major backlash in a very long time. The light in my life has ceased to exist as it turned itself out on its own, that in combination with everything else is just getting too much for me to handle. Without any light… I’m as good as dead.

As a response to that… I will hereby cut myself off from almost every social media and messaging app that I am available on. I will turn introvert again and just try to focus on my life, because if there is something that I have learned – is that all you have in the end is yourself… no one else. Same pattern over and over again. I get it, I’ll stop bothering you. I don’t know what I’ll do to myself but time will tell… for better or most likely worse

To the two people who I have ever truly wholeheartedly loved, L and E… I haven’t changed my opinion about you even the slightest… you still hold a special place in my heart at the very core of my being… and always will – Thank you.

Goodbye… for now


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