Just don’t.

Just found that people are talking shit behind my back, reviewing my behaviour and judging me. How did I find this out? Someone asked if they should ask someone for some input, opened a conversation with someone and didn’t think about the fact that I could see the previous conversation.

Let me tell you guys something.
– If you need to backtalk me, then do it to my face.
– If you feel the need to ignore me every time, then at least tell me why.
– I don’t care about what you guys think, I’ve been ignored enough in my days.
– I’ve been battling severe anxiety attacks.
– I’ve been battling long term depression.
– I’ve been for the past week and a half crying at school resulting in me heading back home.

And lastly.
My mother saved me last week from going into the wall as well, I still feel like crying every night in my apartment. I have been on touch with a initial therapist and I got advised to look for professional help but havent.

This have been my rant so if you throw shit at me, at least do it to my face. I am sure I’d have some things to say to you as well and I am not afraid of speaking my mind, trust me.


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