A change

Lately I have been really busy and I have had a really hard time, which is why I have had an unexpected quiet time. During this downtime I have had lots of people messaging me and I haven’t been replying on nearly any message – something I feel bad for. But a few days ago things took a drastic change, I decided to take stance and litterally cutting myself off and just focus on myslef. Then just two days after after that my life took a change for the better.

Now I feel like I have got my motivation back, I have my motivation and ideas for my future and I have already started to research on how to fullfill my new goals in life, goals I haven’t had in a long time. I have gotten support from people around me and I need to say that I am so grateful of my family that I don’t even know where to start, I know I don’t say this much but; I love you guys so much!

Thank you for your patience and I’ll be around soon!

And mom, see you later this week


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