Day 3; Hope

Hope, something that I’ve been told is the last thing to leave you.
Something that people rely on in dark times.
I do rely on hope too, even though it seems like it is the first thing to leave me at so many times. Hope can mean such a different thing to so many people, and for me; it is that I hope I will be able to pull off the few vague visions I’ve got in my life. That the turbolences that is currently happening allover the world will be able to get to an end and unite us once more.

Hope is what is keeping people together in hardships,
Hope is what can make pain go away
Hope is important for us, for me and for everybody.

I am not necessarily religious, however I am spiritual.
I might not be praying, but I believe in sorts of unexplained power.
Something I’ve had proved to me on multiple occasions.
But I do hope for that we can one day put all our diofferences aside, live on this planet together and take care of it. Because treating nature and each other with respect is what I believe is something we can all do.

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Stay tuned for more.
Blessed be!


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