A phase, a time in life, a section of the movements of the moon, or just simply one a part in a production line. With that said, this post is written inspired by the term; Phase

Alot of people have me throughout the years said that “It is just a phase”, well maybe it is, a phase have been going on for years. There is only one thing that I’ve so far got proven to me to be a phase was somethig I’ve got to struggle with which was some kind of physical issue that I had that lasted for more or less around 13-14 years, which is a pretty damn long time considering that I’m 21.
Other than that I have been told the following;
Your style is just a phase.
You’ll get over that, it’s just a phase
Don’t worry, anxiety and depression is just a phase.
Get over it, it’s just immature.

A few examples of things I’ve been told;
Are you mourning?
You should cut your hair, I remember I had that too when I was poor
You’ll listen to some real music soon instead of that you listen to
You’ll find someone closer once you get more mature
Get out of those awful dark pieces of cloth, let me see you in colour
Stop living in the past and leave what has happened in the past, your anxiety kills me
Aren’t you Christian?

So yeah, I’ve had rather odd encounters, as late as last night I got stared at by several. And to be fair, I don’t think I look even remotely odd but maybe that’s just me. My friends and family are all cool with it and I am starting to feel more like my self so I have no real reason be bothered about it.

Other than that I am a bit of a nightwalker, well, in the aspect of hat you can catch me roaming the streets during the nigths. Mainly beause I consider the air to be clean, cool and it helps me think. I am a fan of astrology as well and by following the pases of the moon is another hoppy of mine, as a matter of fact, I have several events in life that I have connected to a certain phase of the moon.

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Stay tuned for more.
Blessed be!


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