A grain in the sand

Alone a being might be powerless, just once together things will start to become noticed by us as a whole. As a methaphor of many things, this post was inspired by the word; Grain

Today the leaders around the world are talking about how important it is that we can work together as we are as a rase about to face some hardships, wether it is about immigration, enviromental issues or national matters. Matters of such a scale that we as an individual feel smaller than we are, just like a drop in the ocean or a grain in the sand. Something that the vast majority of the rest of the population is and most likely will be unaware of, is your very existance, one individual to change millions is a hard thing. But together we can make change.

As I walked back home in the rain this afternoon I felt refreshed, because the rain has that very effect of me, as I felt the raindrops, walking down the street as one of the crowd. Just to moments later be contacted by several people I know, to see on the news how the same tiny drops have caused floodings down south. And it made me think back of how we as a population of a nation started to change our behaviour that recently caused our government to change, to embrace their initiative.

Several examples of collaboration, co-ordination and spreading trends. People tend to ignore what’s unimportant of overlook what’s not of their interest, or react to what they consider abnormal or wrong. This is what is important today, that we all help out and remember that despite our differences, we all have things in common; Whether it is values, families, lives or this very planet, we are all connected in one way or another. And to make sure we make this world the best for everyone, we have to collaborate, make our lives worth living, not just for ourselves but for the people around us as well. Because if we don’t, we might just be another drop in the ocean or grain in the sand.

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Blessed be!


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