Day 1; Why do I blog?

As the title implies, I am doing a 20 day Challenge, to refresh my mind about some things, and to let you guys know about some other things that’s currently going on in my life. And conveniently enough, the first one is about why I am running this blog in the first place, a question that I really need to reconsider why I am doing this.

IT all started out years ago on another platform in order to make it easier for my friends to keep track of my life and for me to practice writing in English (yes, my second language but lately I’ve been able to fool the majority of the people with my accent). A language that throughout the years have come to be my main language of communication over all, strange it might seem to some, but it is true. I then found a joy to blog shortly after that and I have been on multiple platforms since my first ever blog post back in june 2012. And here I am four years later on WordPress, and recently completely reworked my blog, my methods and writing style, a step in the right direction to become a better blogger and connect with other bloggers.

But I also have a second, or third depends on how you look at it, reason to why I blog; I use it to keep track of events in life, everything from my Trip to Iceland to keep a record of my anxiety attacks for personal use. By doing this, I have not only managed to establish a platform of my own, but also managed to find a way to progress happenings in my life and I have met lots of people thanks to this, something I intend doing for a very long time. As I’ve already said, I have adapted a new way of blogging, renewed my platform and I write differently, something that have resulted in better posts and peaking numbers. So if you’re reading this, I hope you’re enjoying my blog and feel free to come with suggestions of topics or ask anything.

Thank you so much for sticking with me throughout the years, even you who sneaks in every once in a while and goes through all the events. And yes, I still think about you.

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Stay tuned for more.
Blessed be!



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