It’s a known fact I walk out during the nights, emptying my head during any random occasion during the day. But something I do tend to bring with me is a sketchbook, camera and a pen if some sort. To take some pictures, write down poetry and start to draft on new crafting projects. But I also do write lyrics during these occasion, something I finish while sitting, humming all the way back home and compose the music once back home. This is something I’ve made for some time, I rarely sing in front of people but I do sing, I do compose and I do write.

It’s a way to put words on my feelings and the only way it can be close to justifying how I feel is to put it into song, so I sing silent ballads. I sing for the past, the lights I’ve had and my demons, and I sing for the future, but first and foremost; I sing to get thoughts out of my head. To engage in aesthetic activities is a free way of therapy, that is why I sing.

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Blessed be!


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