Team Work

So the main reason wht I haven’t been around is that I’ve been rather busy with school lately, sure it’s good to have something else to think about during the days and be completely exhausted when you get back home and just fall asleep in the evening. In one way it feels good to do so but I still feel like I am missing out on myself; What I normally do during those hours, what I prefer spenging my time doing and talk with the (quitie few) ones I love.

So what’s new, We’ve litterally been working our arses of with the same project as mentioned in Slightly Bloody Complicated. And we’re actually doing rather good, as we speak I’ve been doing imput work in HTML5 design, Photoshop and more. I’ve been rather laid back in this work doing research of the competating companies in terms of layout, applications and more in relation to the one we’re working or. And now I’m starting to jump all over the place, doing photoshop, web design and blogging this at the same time while creating drafts of new designs for the upcomming work package. Rather entertaining but hectic at the same time but it’s actually pretty fun.

And to make you guys up to date with my progress, I’ve been in touch with a few friends of my concerning my, need of going and seeing someone so I’ve got some slight progress there as well. I have the outmost respect to the ones that have managed to cope with me throughout the year, and a special thank you to E and H, two who have both been part of my concluding gratitude serie. Also, I cannot say I’m sorry enough to you, a third person that I unfortunately hurt after such a long time and I still can’t forgive myself from doing so, and I have to admit I am still thinking about what it would be like now if that didn’t happen and I didn’t have to struggle with those demons, You came to me in a REALLY hard time as I told you in the beginning and said in the end. I’m glad we’re friends but I still can’t help but thinking…

Anyhow, once again. Thank you for everyone that have been able to cope with me throughout the time, it really feels good at Uni now. I have a couple of posts in draft mode prepared to be released once it’s time. Until then, stay tuned.

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Blessed be!


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