Slightly bloody complicated

So I don’t know what and how to cope with Redmine, a software used for planning projects in tems of Work packages, but as we’re all rookies when it comes to using that software it was rather tricky when it comes to sub categories and making everything add up. Oh gosh did we have to struggle with that to get everything right, because as we went on we came to realise that we over and over again have miscalculated and then it was just back to the drawing board.

Today was what felt like the zilionth day in this project but we’re progressing in a rather good phase, got verbally executed by the teacher, we had a break down and just got back up and now we feel more prepared than ever. Being occupied from 9am to 4pm made us go for it a whole day, and considering we were trying to figure work packages out and everything made us even more prepared than ever. Tomorrow we can litterally ace this presentation, to the extent the professor doesn’t verbally massacre us again haha… it’s sad.. of well :3

Just moments ago we had a group conversation and we really feel like we’re in a good position and like we’ve gotten closer as a group after the rather hectic session today. So needless to say, studies and trying to fill in numbers and maths of something you lack experience from and will last for some time in the future, makes the planning process with work packages and economy a tiny tad bloody complicated. But it’s a good thing tho, I really like this layout of an assignment so I’m sure we’ll end up on top of this in the end (not in that way 😉 )


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