Gratitude 2016 – Part 3

Now this next one feels kind of awkward for me to write to beacause I’ve kind of thanked you alot in the past, especially when I had a tough time and flashbacked while watching Moulin Rouge last summer.

Needless to say, we met and started to talk as a lucky coinsidence and we’re still in tocuh today, meeting up every once in a while, actually the one I spend the most time with in person apart from my own brother and classmates. I don’t even know where to start when it comes to describe our relation but I think a pretty good start is to use the words; Favours, Innuendos and Understanding.

Thank you so damn much and I feel like I can always come back to you and ask for help if I need to. You were there that summer day two years ago when my world view drastically changed. You’ve made me do strange things including liquid cheese, ending up in a basement sauna with a guy we met up with in a club after snogging ourselves in through a drunk guy that we litterally decided to describe as “all over the place”. I think I would describe our relation as random, messed up and yet rather unique, because despite all of the crazy ideas and adventures we’ve made there are still hardships that we’ve been there for each other through… And the fact that we are now doing this just as good as we did when we first met, assures me that we’ll have to endure each other for much longer.

I am going to do, for the sake of the laugh, bring up the odd thing we have for mine and yours… and there… Not to mention the odd guy in the restaurant that laughed and left as we spoke about centipedes, specifically the ones named Sven, the random people we’ve bumped into drunk or the odd misfortunes and, I be damned, me tipsy on helium… You my dear friend, are a dirty minded, messed up little muppet that I would be devastated if I lost as a friend, because I wouldn’t like you to be any different and I’m sure you know how much I value our friendship.

Thank you so much for everything and I have a feeling I might have to ask for a meetup soon, I’ll tell you more about it later. I have been busy lately and I intend to try to hand out with you more, alone or in agroup doesn’t really matter for me, but I think you’ve figured that one out by now. But now, to take us back to the very… bizzare time where I actually was on helium, which btw you still have to send me the recording of if you want me to make that text tone for you… Anyhow, here’s the tune I decided to imitate… yes, on helium, and this might be the only time I post a video of this nature. Talk to you soon and take care!

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Blessed be!


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