Gratitude 2016 – Part 2

I have to rearrange my planned order of parts due to an unexpected change of events. After the previous post last night I had a rather tough time, not falling asleep but before that. Everything just flushed over me and I had a rather tough time and I had some people to talk to and I sent away a few messages. Where one have responded in a way that made me reschedule this post.

We have been involved with each other for some time on and off, mainly off but always there for one another, something that I have been amazed by, greatful for and still puzzles me how we’ve been able to stick around for so long. Look, I know that I have hurt you big time a couple of times in the past. One time at a rather young age that I didn’t even have any memory of until you told me years later, another time where I just picked the wrong words.

And then we have the third time, and that was when I wasn’t able to be around people or even myself, got all tangled up with some complicated events and I wasn’t able to handle anything, so I had to cut myself off again, something I was terrified for days for before and after… But the fact that I got offered to get help or guided to treatment by you after the message last night, that just amazes me and I’m so happy that we’re still friends.

But one thing still makes me smirk… memories of all the crazy things, , getting lost in a blizzard in the Mountains, long evenings and I seriously have to check on what’s up with “Father G”, not to mention that we both have experiences from the smurf that litterally ended up being my own shadow.
Thank you, for all the times we’ve had and hopefully much longer. I’m still shocked by your offer but I really appreciate it, I really do. I will think about it and we’ll talk about it in the morning or whenever you’ve got time because of your much busier Schedule in comparison to mine. And if this hasn’t made it all clear it’s you, then I’ve got thre words for you; To be continued…

Here’s your ringtone on my phone;

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Stay tuned for more.
Blessed be!


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