Gratitude 2016 – Part 1

Sometimes I don’t even know who I am anymore, I feel like I am lost in space and alone in this World. But ever since we met the first time I felt like we connected, and I’ve told you that over and over again, but sadly it seems that the stupid blasted puddle causes us to go different parts in life even if we really want to do otherwise. We’re alike in so many ways and it’s like I am talking to myself whenever I talk with you, something I’ve never really experienced with anyone else to such extent.

I have nothing against you and I’ve told you that every time we speak and I still think that You are one of the most exuisite, beautiful and intelectual individuals I’ve ever met and I said that when we first met all those years ago. I do care about you and I’ll always be here for you if you need to talk to someone, I’ve got your back even if it doesn’t seem like it at times. Whenever I see a cranium of a deer, see the pale reflection of the moon on my skin or in the water You always flash through my mind and before my eyes.

th4P0KM3W7I am forever greatful for having the honour of knowing such an amazing individual like yourself. I am, and will forever be greatful of what you’ve done, You’ve saved me. You’ve been there for me when I’ve stumbled my way through the night crying my´eyes out, when I’ve felt like throwing up or when I just can’t take Life anymore along with the happy times in my Life. I’ve been there for doing my very best of helping you to overcome your anxiety, view of yourself and more.

I’ve made you a promise that I will not leave you and I intend to keep that promise. I know I have been very busy lately and I have barely had any energy at all when I get home and litterally just collapse. I want to just hang out with you for once, that’s one of the wishes I wish for in Life, and whenever I look up at the night sky.
Thank You, for saving me…

I owe you more than you might believe and I don’t want to live a Life without you in it again, our shared history have showed us that we are alike and you are one of my dearest and most important friends.

Yours sincerely


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