A fresh start and a new design

So for anyone who have been checking my pages out during the past few weeks have seen that I’ve had a rather tough time, resulting in me taking a break and logging off from every single site and media in order to focus on myself. But for the past couple of days things have started to change. I felt like I couldn’t be arsed to pity myself any longer so I just, about a week into my auto pilot mode, started to throughoutly clean my apartment, spoiled myself and got out and spent some time with my few selected friends. On top of that, I started a new section of my education, planned the future of my education and spent a lot more time with my brother.

Many events that made me start to feel better. I know I must seem like the most uninterested person at times or that it looks like I’m not appreciating it, It’s just hard to keep up a mask all the times and if you see that down, it’s because I feel like I can because I feel like I can relax around your. Also, to any friend or person who knows me personally; I’m sorry if I’ve ever hurt you, sometimes ithe is just so hard to keep so many things up at ones, things that as far as I recall, I’ve made clear at the time.

Now my life is heading in anew direction, it feels like I am starting to get in charge again of my life and that I’m getting a clear picture of where it is going. I am in more control of my options and possibilities, able to control my emotions,  back on new media’s and lastly but definitely not least; I have made a complete and utter overhaul of this very blog, optimising it for desktops, tablets and smartphones alike in a new slick and modern for at that’s still me.

With that said, I am back and I am looking forward with working with the challenges ahead, developing this blog even further, helping new people and more. Thank you so much for putting up with my inactivity and many flaws, I really appreciate it.

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Stay tuned for more.
Blessed be!


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