To any smurf who claims this is for April fools…
I don’t do April fools since I consider that stupid.

Sometimes… the best thing to do is to just put on my mental auto pilot… An emotional autopilot is a rather handy device I’ve used on and off and I think it might be about damn time I use it again, because quite frankly, it’s better for everyone if I just shut my emotions down and just go on autopilot. By doing so; I can’t feel and I can’t knowingly hurt, yeah, you heard me.


Something that I’ve noticed over time is the best for me, so that’s why I will most likely do it again. So bye feelings, it’s been a blast but you always leave me ruined in the end and I just can’t have that anymore…


If I ever seem cold in my replies you know why, it’s not me.. It’s my autopilot. I am still capable to reason with but bometimes, the best I can do is to just let go… without emotions…


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Blessed be!


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