Two souls

I lie here again, tucked in under the duvets that keeps me warm.

Outside the bitter cold wrecking the possibilities to go out for air have a glimpse at the only thing we have in common…

One for every one…

…constantly changing and ever returning…

…something I carry with me every day.

The mere thought of the ruthless waters, the deep pits of darkness all hidden by the reflection of the only light on the surface.

Though the surface might be calm and the depths below be silent, doesn’t hide the greatest feature.. and the worse..

Every word spoken… every thought… every tear… remains silent through their travel through time, until it reaches the definition of perfection they were meant for.

But as much as it makes some nights miserable…or days a living hell… with a pendant of devotion, love and faith – keeps the fish strong and going.

Once together… never apart…

An ever changing body… pale lights full of hope… that two souls coexist – to be united.

As the fishes in the water… as the pisces on land… one soul in two bodies – once together whole…

As much as I despise the body of mass in between, making love travel through time, I have a love for the waters, but a greater for you.

One day the fishes unite, and the pisces on land, who have defeated the distant mass, to be together hand in hand.

With a dance of two souls and bodies merging into one, is the day the we can proudly say; “Together, with trust and love, we have over the distance finally won

There are many ways I can say what I need to say, but I want to be with you for the rest of my days”

Time… souls… love…



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