Poem – December 11th

Tears stream down my face as I’m standing on the coastline.

Cold waves washing up over my feet- forcing me back- reminding me that I’m… I’m only human and..

..And I am nothing..

.. against this inexorable distance which separates us.

Or.. this relentless loneliness that devastates us… and..

..This yearning is destroying me.. 

It’s sort of.. nostalgic, isn’t it, my sweetest love..

Laying next to you – separated by tides and plastic screens- watching your chest rise and fall with the quietness of your sweet breathing..

The life force that flows inside of you, the perfect existence that means everything to me –

I close my eyes and I’m taken back to the first time I saw you, and was breathlessly captivated by your beauty.

You were.. exquisite..

And from that moment – I knew it was you that I had been searching for.

I knew it was you who I wanted – forevermore. 

I open my eyes to see you lying there, your hair fallen in your face as you try to fall asleep-

and again I find myself drowning in your perfection, my darling.

and again I find myself still so.. irrevocably in love with you..

Close my eyes once more, and I’m back to the first time I told you I loved you- I meant it with every fiber of my being, every breath inside of my lungs- every faint beat of my cold heart.

and.. these memories are on replay in my mind like a motion picture- and each time it takes me back to the start. 

I never believed in soulmates- until now.

and.. I never believed in true-love until.. there was you.

And in hindsight.. I truly believe that it has always been you..

You pull me through time.


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Blessed be!


1 Comment

  1. Aaaw! What a wonderful poem! :3 I wish that someone was so deep in love with me and that i was in love whith that person back! ❤ Who is this "E" fellow? He or she is a really talented poet! 🙂

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