Change of events

Okay, so I have now a pile of posts half finished scattered around on my laptop, tablet and phone, all locally saved so I can’t really say for sure how good I feel about that. All that I know that they are locally saved and that I hopefully will get time tonight and manage to get my head around it. I am rather annoyed about how they are just stacking up so I’ll start to work that pile down with that by making this post.

Last saturday, on the day of the upcoming post “Sound of Darkness – Nyarlathoteps Förbannelse”, I was talking to this old friend of mine about what to do the day after as we planned to meet up the day after. One thing led to another and we ended up going there and 20 minutes later we were there in the audience as the musical started. I do have this opinion that it was rather impulsive of me to invite my friend along to it but we had a good time out so I do believe it was a good choice.

Once the performance was finished a misunderstanding led to a bet we made, me still not quite sure how that happened but oh well. Anyhow, the bet basically – as I found out – was that apparently I said I would most likely stay up longer that night, and yeah. We made a competition about it. That made us on the other hand a golden opportunity to talk about things and how things have been since we have started school at Uni, cleared out several misunderstandings in the past and got on the same page again. It was really nice, and since it was a bet. It ended up in a sleep over, and considering it was a sleep over, I had no time to pass the day after so that was a relief, considering how late we actually stayed up. And for the record, I my friend woke me up and after I accidently fell asleep in a powernap, I lost the bet. Congratulations to you!

The day after basically was just us continuing talking and had a dinner out at a restaurant and just spent time talking about everything from school to memories and families and what not. After a quick visit at my friend’s place again, to heat back up due to the low temperatures, I went back home again. Trying to sort some things out further explained in the future post “Your time might come, but not today

I know this post has been rather vague but I don’t really know what to sat other than that without spoiling too much of my upcoming posts. But it feels good now and I have been able to make some progress when it comes to knowing where to go for help. I truly feel like I have people there for me now, and which makes me chocked and yet happy and worried. Anyway, I think that’s it for me now. Stay tuned as I’ll update about upcoming event along with finishing off a variety of posts in still in draft.


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