Night of the Blood Moon

September 27th.
Okay, so tonight there was an event of astronomical proportions – literally – I am talking about the blood moon activity.

Okay, let’s be chronological here.
This day wasn’t really that interesting from a blogging perspective so I’ll just skip to the evening eventshis day wasn’t really that interesting so I’ll just skip directly to the evening. Mainly because I can’t really find anything interesting apart from the studies to share with you guys, which (based on information I know now) turned out to be one of the best presentations in my class, well done you guys, we made a great improvised team.

Anyway, when I was trying to try to find out how to finish off my assignment and try to get my schedule for tonight settled for my nightly activities I’ve planned for this special night. But all of my plans came to be cancelled when I got a text from a friend of mine, asked if I wanted to spend the night out together and  just hang out. One thing led to another and I went out and we met up, for the first time in quite some time actually.

We met up by the river and just sat there and started to talk. As the time passed we went through several topics, everything from life and studies to more serious things and just being quiet. I don’t quite know how it came to be but after a while… “That” happened.

I don’t exactly what happened know what happened but slowly I slipped into a small ventilation mode. Like a smaller ventilation instead of a full anxiety attack. All I can remember is that how I just felt I literally zoned out on the spot in the cool night air by the river. Kind of like I did a few months ago but, as previously mentioned, on a much smaller scale. All of a sudden I felt arms around me and I instantly felt a bit more safe again. I don’t know how much time passed like that but I eventually got better, relatively quickly considering it was more of a ventilation instead of a real attack. I don’t quite know how to explain it but for those of You who have been reading my blog for a while knows what tends to happen. It’s not that I am not interested in sharing, I just can’t explain it and I am in a bit of a hurry because I need to leave soon.

All I wanted to say was thank You, for being there and thank You for asking me out that night, I really needed it. I hope we’ll be able to do something again sometime, hopefully less cold as we were both pretty numb on our way home after sitting/lying outside for several hours straight in the night by the river, and hopefully without me slipping out of my conscious state of mind. I think I’ll end this post here, but please accept my thank You, for being there.

I hope you all really had a chance to witness the blood moon last night, it feels so good to be back blogging now

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Stay tuned for more.
Blessed be!


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