A week up north – The highlights

Due to recent lack of internet caused by travelling, the planned posts got postponed. Then too many got stacked up and I realised that I would be unable to make it as detailed as I would like. However, I’ve made two posts about two important happenings so I have now decided to make an appointment über long post with highlights of the trip up north. The following sections are written on my mobile devices so be patient with errors and eventual flaws when it comes to the grammar.

The day of travel 26th of June
Okay, so I arrived to the scene midday today and I have been trying to take things easy. Mainly because of a couple of things.

When you are about to travel rather long distances, multiple small delays tend stack up to be rather long in the end, and in this case there were no difference.  For starters, down south the railway tracks were undergoing a maintenance during this very night, which I knew about, mainly because I received a service text from where I ordered the tickets.

Anyway, after I got on the bus to the other trainstation, as notified in the text, we found out that the train has been delayed by about 75 minutes, followed by another 25 minutes as the time went by. Sure, two hours aren’t too much considering the distance and the magnitude of the maintenance, but to sit on a bus for about 80-90 minutes around 3 am the time pass by rather slowly. But in the end they managed to gain one hour in time by the time I arrived to my end destination. With this in mind, and knowing that there were no delays from my station and forward, it took about 7 hours for us get there, with an about five-six year old girl who had mastered the art of faking her cries, so dear readers, add two and two and you’ll figure out I didn’t get that much sleep that night.

Eventually I arrived and a close friend met up with me and got me to her place, after we went downtown to run a few errands she had to do, resulting in me bumping into a current classmate from university, after about 20 minutes in town.

The Festival 27th – 28th
Um, yes… Where do I even start…
As an attempt to make a brief summary, I’ll try to put it like this;
Concerts, great company, new friends, alcohol and board/card games…

I met lots of new people and met a few new friends at places I did not expect to meet them at all and got introduced to even more people. Needless to say, it was rather hectic to me but it was fun. However, it took a lot of my energy to keep up with the high phase of new people and activities I got involved with. One day, or night more likely, we met some new people, left one of the concerts to go to a local bar/night club where things got strange before we even had the chance to get in. For starters, a seemingly drunk guy in about our age came to us and said that the security were pretty strict because they didn’t let him in. He asked if he could kiss us, starting with me. I called his bluff and he sure didn’t see that one coming, my friend. However, we both came to experience him being rather slimy sure if anyone meets him, please turn that offer down. Yuck He’s so not my type…

Oh well, we left him behind and got in at once, and for some reason we ended up being some sort of main attraction for some reason. Our personalities/appearances in combination with she braiding my hair and drinks on the table made people gather around for some reason. We got asked if someone could take a Snap of us and send it to his friends. We then had multiple rather strange and oddly interesting conversations with people we’ve never even met. Eventually the guy who slimed himself all over us got in but thank the spirirs that the seat next to us was already claimed by some other people we met outside. One thing led to another, Someone taught me on the topic on how to act to be able to “nail my friend, which was hilarious in my hilarious but I managed to hold it until he left us. The hours passed by and before we knew it, my friend and I, ended up having a sauna in the middle of the night, got served some pasta by people we’ve met on the festival and went to sleep in their house at about 4.30 am… I mean, what the actual fuck did just happen…We snuck out at 8 am the following morning.

huff huff I am so not used to be the main attraction, better get used to it I guess.

The laid back days 29th of June – 3rd of July
As the title implied, things got more laid back after the festival so we could just spend the time to hang out and talk about literally anything (if you only knew). Watched some series, slept, made out because we both didn’t want that drunk guy to be the one who gave us our festival kiss/snog session. Played some board games as the days passed by, watched some series and experienced the happenings described in detail in the Not again and the Tarot Card Session posts.

If you have any suggestions of topics or questions you want me to answer or discuss, please let me know. And don’t worry, I go through every message before people can see it so if you don’t want anyone to know, just say say so and I’ll make it anonymous just keep it unpublished.
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Stay tuned for more.
Blessed be!


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