A shout out

This will be another one of my notification posts directed mainly towards you my fellow bloggers and readers. As I was writing the previous post A week up north, I found myself starting on an end note that got way out of hand so I decided to make a post of its own just to talk to you guys real quick.

Ever since I got my motivation back and started to make myself update this blog every once in while, I have been able to make it a natural part of my every day life, maybe it every day but at least a few times a week. The vast majority of the posts on here have been with a rather long downtime in between or consists of the imported posts from my previous blog on the blog platform Blogger. Now however, I’ve completely changed my way of blogging and the results are unmistakable. More responses/feedback, followers and a new layout/design makes me much more motivated to do this on a regular basis. I think that anyone who are involved and active on social media’s can agree with me on that. Even tho the statistics aren’t that I impressive at all, the numbers are increasing slowly in a steady phase which is perfectly fine by me for now. I am just glad that you all wants to take part of my life and what I have to offer on here.

I’ve also a number of times mentioned that I’m using my mobile devices and that I am welcoming topics or questions to discuss or answer. This rather radical change is all thanks to you guys, I know for a fact that I would not make posts like these if it weren’t for the fact that you actually sat down and took your time and mangled your way through my sometimes rather long posts. I have also as late as a few days ago mentioned that I use this blog to keep track of events, waves of insecurity, depression anxiety attacks and to receive feedback from friends and fellow bloggers/readers when I clear my head off is rather captivating for me, in a good way. Just as an example I can take the rather recent post Not again (posted about two-three days ago), thanks to this I have been able to clear my mind register it in the event calendar, but also automatically notify my friends bout it without even thinking about it. Also, I received a touching inbox message from one of you guys about the content in that post that made my day when I read it the following morning.

Thank you for sticking around and keep reading what I produce, It’s because of you all that I’ve got my motivation up and manage to keep my thoughts in order which is why I started to blog in the first place. You all make more difference than you might think, therefore I would hereby make this a standing offer to anyone who reads this blog and who bothers to send a message to me, the offer goes as follows;
If there is anything you would like to ask me, or would like me to discuss on here, please let me know and I’ll see what I can do for you all. Every inbox message remains hidden until I approve it or by request make it anonymous or just keep it hidden, based on your request.
This is the very least I can do as a thank you for right now.

Like, comment and follow for more and why not share it to help all of us out.
Stay tuned for more.
Blessed be!


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