A change for the better – Day 4

So yes, here I am again with day four, relaxing and with an other announcement to make. I have been given more time to solve one rather big issue so I can feel less stressed about that now as well. Things are beginning to unfold for me now. I do still have the anxiety attacks but less frequent and no cries has occurred in two days now. I think that’s something.

Today I spent the entire day back at my mother’s place, tried to sort out some things in school, talked to some good old friends in the metal chat room where the conversations just went way out of hand when Luke decided to join, but that’s another story. I also talked to another buddy that I’ve known for about a year soon. In mid June I would say I got to know him and yeah, he’s a good buddy. And I know you’re reading this so; Hi!, A bit childish I know but hey, at least I didn’t post anything about waka’s or chef and his chocolate goodies. 😉

Meditation before sleep and breathing exercises helps a bit and I have been able to talk to some people in my family and people who can help me. Together, with all of your support, I have been improving much faster than I first thought. As we speak, I am seriously considering to log back in and talk to several people I know (you know who you are) but I have decided not to. The isolation helps out and makes the progress much faster. But no need to worry about me for now. I’m sure I’ll talk to you again soon enough.

Thanks for taking your time and thanks to all of you for your support.
Feel free to like, follow and comment.
Stay tuned for more.
Blessed be!


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