A change for the better – Day 3

So this is a late update,and the reason for that is about to be explained.
I had a seminar today about how to do the upcoming project that we will be writing on for the upcoming few days and I feel like things on the personal level is starting to fall into place slowly but still, it’s progress. Now I am going to do and I’ve been told and do this work from home back at my parents place. Spend some time with them as well before they leave for the summer holidays. So that is the reason why I haven’t been around, I do need some space for myself. I have decided to travel home for the rest of the week and right now I am just relaxing in the metal chat room I am a veteran in. The very moment I joined people were just shouting out my name and went Zara! But yes, I will be focusing on what I need to do for myself, and for school for the upcoming few days and I really feel like I’m starting to get somewhere. I spoke some more with my father today and we really understand each other, thank you so much father for being who you are. Now when I think about it, him and I do have a lot in common when it comes of ways to act and some of our values. Thank you so much for being there for me.

No more cries have happened since the yesterday afternoon. I did have another anxiety attack again last night and then I saw this huge spider on the wall right above the lamp. And with the light casting an even bigger shadow up on the wall made my arachnophobia kick in. But as it disappeared moments later left me awake for another hour so I must have been falling asleep at about 4 am I would say.

Zaracaz, reporting from my late night relaxation in the metal chat room, the big work and cure starts for real tomorrow. Sorry for the late and short post.
Nothing really happened today and It is midnight right now. Feel free to like, comment/ask and follow and stay tuned for more.
Blessed be!


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