A change for the better – Day 2

So today I’ve got the reply from the person I’ve contacted yesterday and I  realise now that I am about to have a very challenging time for the upcoming days. But I have received a nice response and I feel good about the answer that I’ve got. All that I need now is to stick to it and not fall behind in the slightest bit in our plan, because then I will have an even tougher time. I have got a plan of how to do it and now and I have got more time than expected for the most challenging part so this will take longer than I first thought. Always something but I need to really dedicate myself to sort my life out from now on. Hereby I now declare my progress to sort my life out officially started.

Thank you once again for the wonderful support that I’ve received from you guys and I will do anything it takes to make this work!
Blessed be!

Update: I just got off the phone with my father and talked about the constant stress and anxiety I’ve had lately and when I hung up I was just on the brink of crying, eyes were all teared up and I feel as miserable as ever before. But after a few heavy breathes I actually feel better, I have been able to talk to someone in my family now and I am actually proud and yet scared now. Now when everything has been put into action I know that things are going to get better, at least I sincerely hope so. As I am writing this in an empty hallway I just feel my being just fall of me leaving myself exposed to the outer world, scared and insecure and more stressed, but that’s a step in the right direction I guess…


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