A chance for the better – it all begins with a single message.

So yeah, a change for the better is what I am about to try to pull off now.
Lately I’ve tried to deal with anxiety attacks as good as I’ve been able to do but that would only result in temporary solutions and come back to me in a combined way. This is what have made me do what I should have done long ago. I have sent out a message to someone who I know can help me and to make sure I do this as good as I possibly can. I will only do what is needed to make myself feel better, no isolation, this time it is all about self reservation. This is why I didn’t finish my ESC blog serie, this is why some of my planned post have been postponed and remained partly finished in draft mode. I would estimate this will take about two weeks in total to extinguish the worst parts of it and then it is a long and slow work I have in front of me. I have sent this out to some people I know and to be fair;I am shocked of how well they took it and how much support I actually have if I’m just able to open my eyes and see what’s in front of me, or behind be depending on how you put it. This is what I want to do with my life,  I have sent out a message for help and notified my friends about it, via links, texts or other services about it.  This is who I am, proud of who I am about and I couldn’t care less if I upset people about it. Take it or leave it because life changing for the better for me now and I feel that I’ve got more support than ever before.

Thank you for everyone that’s reading this, thank you to the people I talk to on a regular basis, thank you to the friends I’ve made over the past year and thank you so much to the people who truly mean something to me, to my close friends. It is because of all of you together that have made me change into a more independent person and I’ve heard that just over the past year I’ve grown a lot.  It is because of all of you that I have decided to start to blog again on a daily basis and actually have motivation for it. Thank you so much for being you and stay safe.
Blessed be!


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