Eurovision Song Contest, semi final 2

As promised, here comes my review of the second semi final of the Eurovision song contest.
The songs I hoped would make it to the next round were the following;
Czech Republic – Hope Never Dies
Slovenia – Here For You
Ireland – Playing With Numbers

This list is a bit longer this time around, I am glad to say that the following entries surprised me positively and made it to the list as I watched it.
Norway – A Monster Like Me
Latvia – Love Injected
Sweden – Heroes
Switzerland – Time To Shine

The middle act
This time, it was just the main classic clips and lecturing about old Eurovision Song Contest entries with classics like Lordi, Verka Serduchka, men in different outfits and dresses throughout the 60 years and it was a nice montage of some classic Eurovision moments and bloopers.

Outfit of the night
My Top outfits of the night goes to;
Ireland – beautiful design, clean and yet with an edge to it. Props to the designer!
Norway – the white that cut off as a contrast to what was going on, nicely done.

Smile of the night
Israel – With an upbeat tune, synchronised dancing combined with the lyrics I’m a golden, coming to enjoy, I’m the king of fun” just made me smile.
Latvia – With a stunning performance and  patronising beat it made me smile and just wanted to see what was about to happen next.
Sweden – Well, it is my own country, it seemed like it was improved to match the competition at hand, well done!

Favorite of the night
The favourite of the night was harder to decide this time, but at last I managed to make up my mind. With a beautiful scenery, touching song, gorgeous design and touching sound. My favorite of tonight was Ireland, one of the entries that unfortunately did not make it to the grand final.

The updated list my preferences will be presented tomorrow or on saturday well in time before the grand final along with a post discussing the theme this year. I leave you with the clip of my favorite for tonight, enjoy the song Playing with numbers As preformed by Molly Sterling. Stay tuned for more updates, Blessed be!


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