Important update

Important update

It has come to my/our understanding that there is someone has posted rather concerning things on an anonymous message site regarding the situation in our class. Here are the two scenarios I’ve started to work with right now.

Scenario 1
Someone has either tried to impersonate me or trying to put me in a tough situation by stating things anonymously that makes everyone’s eyes turn in my direction. When I went to sleep last night (about 1-2 am) I got messaged by someone who questioned me if I am on an application which I’m not going to mention here. I said no and asked what that application was and got informed what it was all about. However, after being asked if it was me for about five times she started to believe me, but was still very skeptic. When I asked her what was going on she just refused and changed topic and cursed at me because I might not be able to attend to an event. To be fair, I personally think that it is her, I mean think about it, considering to hop off the program, treats me like shit and was the very first one to confront me in the middle of the night on an application _I’ve never heard before. I’ve called your lies, and I’m not even going to bother to bring up this fight, cause you are nothing to me anyway.

I got questioned again moments ago by someone who I put more trust to, and who is actually working with matters like the one at hand. She believed me and we are on the same page, thank you Ms. for taking me by my word. I really hope that we solve this problem, and this brings me to;

Scenario 2
Because if someone really is posting these things about our class, I am actually rather concerned, but at this point I can’t help to be a bit skeptic considering how I got involved with it from the very first moment by someone who I don’t really enjoy being around. Personally, I hope that it is someone who is posting his or her mind and not just trying to impersonate me, because if that would be the case, I would just be sad and confront that person with no doubts at all. I guess this is the cost I have to pay for being an individual in my class.

I really hope that there is no one who honestly feels like the information that has been posted, because if that is the case, I will do my very best to track that person down and try to help him or her, offer my assistance and do my very best to offer the support that it’s needed. No one should feel this way… especially at university.

If you read this, please reach out to me and we can sort this out together, I’ll help you. Because we want everyone to enjoy each other’s company, we really enjoy being with each other in our class, we will help each other, we will be there for each other and we will support each other. We are adults, we are classmates and this is the very least we owe each other.

Blessed be!


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  1. Bra skrivet! Skönt att höra att det inte var du som kände såhär och ifall du skulle gjort det finns det många i klassen som bryr sig! Vi ska hitta vem det är som ligger bakom detta och ifall det är fejk eller inte! Ha det bra /bitare

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