Eurovision Song Contest, semi final 1

As promised, here comes my opinion of the songs of the first semi final.
The songs I hoped would make it to the next round were the following and they made it!;
Hungary – Wars for nothing
Georgia – Warrior

I know this list was very short but I guess I listen to music in a strange way. But I am glad to say that the following entries surprised me positively and made it to the list as I watched it.
Russia – A million voices
Greece – One last breath

The middle act
The video “Vienna, what a cool place to be” can easily be summed up in one word; Random!
Following a cat, dog and horse around the city doing random things was quite entertaining,  even tho it was mainly fabric and not actual animal ears and paws, oh well. It was a nice piece of relaxing entertainment.

Outfit of the night
My Top outfits of the night goes to;
Armenia – Nice, plain and purple with a victorian touch to it, this is why it comes on this list.
Georgia – Just wow, well executed and embraced the individuality that I am working to be more accepted in society spreading the word and supporting through foundations and gatherings.

Smile of the night
Serbia – with a very creative way and out of the blue beat drop.
Finland – I know it is for a good cause, just to see them enjoy their own punk music despite their disabilities made me smile as I watched it, because it showed that anyone can do it.
The Austrian and Australian facts – This lecture and montage of clips just made me smile all the way through, well done !

The theme
Building bridges is the theme of the Eurovision Song Contest this year, something I believe is a really good message. Not only do we build bridges between the countries, we can also connect via the international language that music is, as well as a cultural language. A very good theme indeed. I believe that borders should not prevent people to from doing what they want or make it stop love. More of this is a constant theme in past and future posts.

Favorite of the night
My without doubt over all favorite of tonight with a beautiful sound, outfit and performance tonight was the song Warrior performed by Nina Sublatti from Georgia. Well done, best wishes from Sweden.


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