This is something I’ve been suspecting that I’ve had for a while, and more recently, I have been able to confirm that and that it has increased dramatically due to involuntary encounters. For those of you who don’t know what it is all about, this is a phobia towards the creatures in various sizes who all have a few things in common, they have eight eyes, eight legs and produces webs for hunting, living etc. Yes, I am talking about spiders. I know a lot of people who claim that spiders are creepy animals and that they don’t want to be around them. For the past year I have moved from that to literally freak out when I see them.

Yesterday morning, I had an encounter with a spider the very moment I woke up, I literally flew out of bed as it walked slowly down the wall towards the bed I was sleeping in. And that was when I decided that that was what my next blog post would be all about. I don’t know why it makes me freak out like that, but it’s something with them that makes me react that way, it is just their whole appearance that creeps me out. I know that people say that having spiders in your house is a sign that you’re house is quite clean and free from parasites and bugs (for which I am very great for) but you guys are so creepy. I have no bigger issues with insects or reptiles as such, but when it comes to spiders I just can’t do it.

Another encounter that I had quite recently was when I and a few international students decided to go home to one of the leaders to make some Swedish chocolate balls and play some Kubb. It was a nice night (Damn it, the letter “C” on my keyboard is freaking me out and annoys the shit out of me, oh well, back to the story) and we had a good time, however, when I was about to leave, I just got my shoes on and turned around to pick up my backpack where I saw this wall decoration of a dead and stuffed tarantula (!!!) locked in behind a glass frame. I tried my best to not freak out and not to act like a fool. All I wanted to do was to say goodbye and run away, luckily, that was what I was supposed to do anyway. But my heart did race, I did stutter and stumbled on the words for the following ten minutes.

My of my lesser world philosophies is to accept the creatures as mother earth created them, and not to waste Her resources and creatures and respect nature. Therefore, I am having quite a dilemma when it comes to spiders, they are just living creatures just like you and me with a more creepy appearance, but what do they really think of us? She had a plan for every creature. Spiders, Hereby I am apologizing for how I am treating you eight legged creatures of the world, but my arachnophobia kicks in.

This is because these eight words the Rede fulfill;
An it harm none do what ye will.

Stay tuned for my upcoming reviews of Eurovision Song Contest this year, I already have four favorites that I will reveal as the competition progresses. I made that when I talked to a friend of mine a few nights ago discussing the Eurovision song contest of this year in Vienna. The first semi-final will take place tonight so stay updated, feel free to leave a like, follow and comment if there’s anything else you want me to bring up. Peace.


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