Bloodline and heritage.

I have never given much thought about bloodlines and the matter if heritage before, apart from direct descendants from royalties,  which obviously is a far fetched theory that I never fully realised until moments ago. I have always been interested in pagan religions and mysteries and victorian arts, and as a more modern wicca as myself, I always thought that religion is a very interesting phenomenon. Not only because of the cultural aspects,  the mythological aspects and more,  but also the history, the purposes and the architecture and design.

The reason why I am brining this up is because I did, minutes ago, re watch the “Da Vinci Code” when something struck me like a lightning at the very end of the movie, heritage and bloodline matters, on a personal level among normal people and far fetched descendants. This caused a flashback for me that you can see illustrated in movies. Zoom ins, laughs and tears echoing, images flashing before my eyes, revealing something that is connected to a very sad turn of events… The very death of my last grandparent, the mother of my mother. We have always had this banner in our bookcase in the dining room in my childhood  home,  I’ve always seen it as the locker on the necklace of my mother and grandmother, and since the Christmas of 2014, it has also been seen on the jackets of me and my siblings. Something fancy and respectful I thought at first, but this flashback took me back to that early summer day of 2014 and the day of the funeral of my grandmother.

The Previously mentioned crest pin
The silver pin as seen on my jacket

Wearing this, old and young people alike, people whom I have never met me before, treated me with the greatest of respect, along with my family. People from Finland talked to me and we’re very much interested in who I were after noticing the pin attached to my jacket. Heritage matters, even if we don’t expect it, no matter how far off it might be. This movie caused a flashback for me, and I instantly opened the wardrobe to run my fingers across what caused all this commotion.  There is something special with it, or is it that I across related to the beloved woman who passed away for about a year ago. One thing is for sure, I will at some point try to travel to the mansion that as for as I’ve been told, still stands tall in the former lands of Finland, now Russia. I want to have seen that place at least once with my own eyes. Ask about how it came to be and learn. So far, I have only been able to relate to my family with this. But at that day, I met people who have traveled to Sweden for this very, and yet tragic, occasion.

This is a part of my family history, going back through Finland,  Russia and eventually Germany. I would love to get involved with this more, to learn and discover new things, and how this crest came to be…


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