Back for May – Recap

Hello my fluffy little batbutts.
As a result of the past couple of days, I have been blessed with the opportunity to be myself, meditate and bring myself back to my senses. I am however not going to lie, tears were shed, had a tough time at first but on Tuesday night everything just snapped into a perfect mindset. It was a process and it was already much better by the time of Monday. Oh well, let’s just get to the daily writings then.

Wednesday, May 29th
When I had my final that I had to do in methods of human behavioural analysis. First of, I felt relatively prepared for it, we were told to go to an incorrect classroom, which by all means, could have been handled better. But no matter what,  we managed to find the right place in time for the final to begin so that was okay. The exam itself however was in my opinion one of the easiest I’ve made so far, if not the easiest I’ve made. Seeing that we had three hours to finish the final I could write at a relatively slow phase. After an hour I just sat and made some final fill ins (not that it was needed, just that the layout of the entire thing was a bit buggy) and about 15 minutes later I just handed it in and sat down with a few classmates before leaving. An over all point of view on this final, easiest one so far by all, a bit odd, but easy. Took the earliest bus back out home to the countryside to spend some days there again. I do however feel like I belong more and more in the city now, it just feels right.

Thursday, May 30th
Relaxing day, lazy morning with the tablet in bed with some Netflix to start off the day. Than a workspace interview was scheduled for today, which went terrific in my opinion. It felt like I had everything under control and as far as I could read that person who interviewed me, I am of interest for the job as at hand. So yes, after a cup of tea and a lunch with an acoustic Spanish guitar I went back to the city to sort out a few things. Such as a wire to an electronic device I’ve purchased and hand in my bike for maintenance. End of that day, I found a new jacket that I purchased since my old one got damaged by the fire. I have this strange taste that only pops out in the main shops when they really have to get rid of products, otherwise, I stick to more different shops that have a much more interesting selection in my opinion. The only downside is, it tends to be a bit more expensive, but hey, I’m ready to pay a bit more for something I know that I’ll enjoy and like

Last note
I am making progress towards what I mentioned in the last post. So far it’s going rather great actually, I’ve cut off contact with people for the past few days but that was for the best. I’ve had the opportunity to meditate and just focus on myself and put myself and my emotions back together. It has been good for me. But here I am now, feeling better and with more hope with a glass of beer and crisps watching a movie with my mother. Thank you to you who have been understanding. But for now, before I go back to the city in a few days I’ll just stay here at home, relax and make sure that I’ll be busy doing nothing. Stay tuned for more, feel free to follow, leave a comment or message me.


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