Update, April 26th 2015

Something that I’ve noticed myself doing lately is that I’ve been starting to think in tweets, posts and titles. And seeing that I’ve lately been blogging using my phone and tablet along with my laptop makes it more of a natural procedure than a made up one.

There have however been a rather late change of events in my life. I am going to another job interview on Thursday, an exam the day before and actions planned to turn my life the right way again. Starting on Monday, I will have my plan to get rid of all my issues so I will be all clean by the end of the first week of May. I have found inspiration in life again, I have for the past few days decided to shut my Internet down, a rehab that I need every once in a while. I do this as an act of meditation, to get my head clean, just take care of myself and be out on long trips during days and nights. There is a downside to this though, the feeling of being alone. Lately it has started to consume me again, the tears are back and I just want to make that go away as soon as possible. Starting with sorting my life out, take on the things one by one and by summer to occupy my time with work. I need distractions and someone to talk to. Until I manage to find a contact like that again, distraction and dedication for something is what I need. Self inflicted isolation is a pretty risky move, and yet it helps me see who I am and how I feel. I am only using Internet to take part of university related content and sharing information of my life, like in this blog post. Apart from that, I am not using Internet at all.

Six days of focus that ends by the end of April. I will be back on the 1st of May with more information of how the work interview went, how the exam went and how I feel about the future. Until then, feel free to leave a message and follow to stay updated for more. I am glad that I’ve got some nice response on my previous posts. Stick around and I’ll keep you updated.


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