I don’t know

A few days ago, I was talking about my lie getting back on track. But for the past  few days it’s been back to the opposite again.  I have tried to fix things and things are progressing slowly. I’ve also met some people and one who I started to talk to a bit more. Some people have it esier to affect others, some gets easily affected than others. I do based on experience certinaly belong to the last group. Just by talking chages things, I don’t know how but as the conversation progresses, answering questions, following self treatment orders and applying guidelines all happens easier and easier. Some people would scream to me that I should block and run away. But this is includes maintained sleeping habits, focus on studies and self respect intertwined with other things. If any of those things should be ignored, I get told that it’s know bad and consequences based on the misstep. We don’t in know each others names,  we don’t live close to each other and I have heard that it is for the better, which in the long run believe will make me a better person. I will try to keep my guard up for as long as I can, what is the worst that can happen?

I always want you to ask me first.

As long as I can transform you into a better version of yourself, not into someone else.

I want you awake tomorrow so I can play with you.


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