You might have noticed that I have been off for a few days, and that is all because of the studies and the easter holidays. We all can agree on one thing tho, I am actually making an effort to make this site a living place and a work in progress, so far so good. I can also gladly notify that it finally once again feels naturally for me to blog now, which really should make things easier.
The other day I had a second reunion date with a few of my friends, friends who I haven’t met for some time up to that point.  A game night as I posted in the previous post. However, directly after that point when I arrived to that town, a misunderstanding occurred,  they didn’t meet me up, they didn’t reply, my phone was about to run out of battery and I would literally be stuck there. So after some hectic minutes, I -or we- managed to get to a solution literally the second before the battery struck rock bottom. After that however, everything went on smoothly according to plan. We had a nice chat during that night, we eve  dropped by my place (which is rather hidden so to say) so now they have a standing invitation to my place whenever they’re around.

Something worth mentioning however tho is that whoever I know and I consider a friend of mine have a standing invitation at my place as well, it is however impossible for you to appear on my doorstep ’cause my door is the last of three locked doors you  need to get through. Just send me a message about popping by and I’ll most likely invite you. Just make sure I’ll get the favor returned at some point tho’.

As a final note I would like to say this, which I experienced the other day; No matter how deep shit you might be in, there’s always away to handle the situation and just ride out the storm. The reason why I’m saying this is because I’m currently riding, in comparison to last night when I was stressed out as… you know.

Stay tuned for more


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