Chat services and applications

Lately I’ve noticed that people who I barely know, manage to find me more and more often on different sites and services, even on the streets. When I log on to some sites people recognise my name, a rather fascinating experiences to be honest, but now to something that I wrote about a week about now I think;
I am going to be more active on here, I’ve managed to get my hands on something that will make the days (and especially the nights easier) with this said, I am almost ready to say that I’m back for real now. I can use my language without having every word I say echoing the fading memories of the past.I have been up to rather good activities that have been rather helpful to get rid of the previously stated echoes.

The post I did last night was a starter that did when I realized that I can actually do this. I am feeling more confident about myself,  better than before.

I’m off to a game night now, I’ll keep you guys updated.
Z on the bus, over and out.

P.S. Eventual errors might have occurred due to the fact that I’m writing this on my phone.


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