It Follows

So today I’ve got messaged by a friend of mine if I wanted to go to the movies together, so I accepted it. So we went and watched the movie: “It Follows”

A rather strange movie in my opinion, it starts of rather great and promising, but after some time it’s just the same thing over and over and over again. A problem/curse that’s being passed on between people via sexual intercourse, and a invisible spirit/ghost who hunts them down and kills them. But the catch is, if it kills the person who has it, it goes back to the one who had it before, and so on until it’s all the way back to the very first person who got it. To be fair, I didn’t manage to figure out how it all started but yeah, it was different. The ghost is only visible to the ones who has or have had it, making it rather impossible for friends to help it. The ghost however, can take form of a stranger, loved one or as a person you know and it only walks straight towards you, saying nothing, no running, just walking.

My opinion and the opinion of my friends are; How could it be rated this high, and the scariest thing was the ball that bumped into a window. The girls who walked out behind us however, was rather terrified. So, if you like some well covered sexual intercourse, semi nudity and running from a walking shape shifting murderer, this is the one for you.

And if you decide to watch it, I’ll leave you with; DUN DUN DUN! Here’s the trailer for “It Follows“.
Stay tuned for more, got my internet sorted out now.


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