New Years 2014 – Day 1

This must have been one of my longest travels when it comes to time… YET. That’s right, I have been travelling and I’m therefore not at home over the new years. I have decided to travel up North to celebrate the new years in a nicy little city north of the arctic cirlce, and I love it here! The train left the station at 2.45 am and I arrived at 11.06.

Once I got out of the train I just embraced the fresh air and realized that I have really missed a winter like this, I got a ride to where I was staying at and managed to get some sleep for about an hour before my buddy got home from work and fetched me. I was like, really? Why don’t you let me sleep?

Turns out that this was the New Years Show that my friend is the producer of and I spent the time just hanging around artistic people, and just handled things as they happened. Several hours later, we eventually got home and went to bed again, this was a rather different day but interesting as well. I’m glad to be here, this is the climate I was brought up for and love for at least 4-6 months a year.

Stay tuned for more


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