The Christmas of 2014

So now it’s been quite a while since I was on here last time and I hope that I can make it up to you buy starting with this post. This Christmas has been interesting to say the very least, not to mention that we’ve actually celebrated Christmas on the 25th. Some of you might think this is a strange statement but a Swedish tradition (among several other countries) celebrate Christmas on the 24th instead of the 25th. And in out family, we alternate every two years due to relatives and partners possibility to actually celebrate Christmas with their families as well.

A few days before Christmas we had a nice dinner by the time of the 13th of december, me and my class, something I really needed. The ones who were attending to that was the three programmes who all makes the cornerstones for the institution of informatics at the university, SVP, DNP and BIT (where I am). Oh well, we occupied a night club and turned into a student pub/dining hall for about four to five hours before the doors opened to everyone and it transformed back to the nightclub it normally is. This was different but I really enjoyed myself, more than I’ve ever done while clubbing (no, leave the baby seals alone (yes, I just said that (!))) A few days after that, we had our last mini lecture, got an assignment to do over the winter holidays and I would like to say thank you to everyone at BIT for an awesome first semester who have made me feel like I’ve got people to hang out with now, seeing as all my other friends moved away from here after graduation.

Christmas Eve
As you might have figured out by now, my family and I didn’t really do anything special and watched all Christmas related shows on television in peace and felt genually good about it, had a drink or two, a nice dinner and just enjoyed being us. Eventually, my brother and his girlfriend joined us in the evening as well around 9-10pm.

Christmas Day
My sister arrived today as well and our entire family was now reunited again, something that doesn’t happen that often at all. While having a Christmas dinner and taking a moment to everyone we’ve lost this year, my old classmate, my grandmother (the last of my grandparents) and my oldest aunt’s husband. We are a shrinking family and we are just a hand full of people with our surname and we’re directly descending from the ones who took our name, still living where they lived. Something people who have spoken to me for a while have noticed is that the lake, the village, the nearby mountain and river all got something in common with our surname, something I won’t post here to keep our privacy intact and make sure we remain anonymous. After a long dinner, nice company and unwrapping the colourful boxes for goodes (a.k.a. presents lol) we all staid awake for some time and just enjoyed each other’s company. The day after, my brother and his girlfriend went back home to the city where I am about to go in a few days now.


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