December 2nd – Aunt goes back up North

My aunt did a surprise visit this weekend, and that was kind of awkward. Not only did she feel uncomfortable having me around, but she was also lurking around in our stuff after things that she said we could get back at when my Grandmother passed away. You had your chance and got away with a lot of things, but seeing as you looked around for things that you could take with you, that’s just wrong. You had your chance and you’ve got an external hard drive with the super eight movies that my grandfather made. And why would you want his camera anyway, especially considering that you didn’t show any interest in it a few months ago in the first place. No matter what, she went home back north and I headed back east. That was an interesting weekend and it was nice to meet you all and I’m looking forward to next time when I only see my family on occasions.

Time to hop on the bus, get back home and peace out.
Stay tuned for more updaptes


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