December 1st – Dagen efter första advent

First of December, and the day after Första Advent, The Countdown has now begun. As the first candle gets lit, and the light is put up in every home and on the street, you know that Christmas is not too far away. As for me and my fellow classmates, We are about to start a new course at University that will last more or less until mid January. But it won’t be as intense as the other ones, seeing as this will include a lot of individual work that we have the winter holidays set off for along with family fun and more. This time it’s just with the class and with no other programs, even though I don’t complain about having classes with others that I haven’t met before. The Science of Education is what I’ll focus on the month ahead and I’ll keep you guys updated.

See you around and stay tuned for more updates.

I’m not following a schedule for this Challenge, but I’m open for suggestions about what. Bare in mind that some posts will be about topics, events or situations


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