A message

When I heard that the next course we were about to read was social psychology I was quite happy about that. Not only that this is what I signed up for, but also because this is what I’m really interested in. And if I haven’t misunderstood the timetable entirely, there will be more similar courses all the way until the summer. As I’m writing this I’m taking a break from the social psychology exam I’m about to have tomorrow, and so far I feel confident about it.

A quick update since last time.
Halloween was a holiday with mixed emotions for me, not only that I spent it alone all cuddled up having a cozy Tim Burton Movie marathon, but also for more personal reasons; This year my grandmother passed away and all of my grandparents are now gone. This year, one of my old classmates lost his life in a horrible accident doing what he have been doing the major part of his entire life. And lastly, this Halloween would have been a two year mark with the one who I’ve been talking about so much in the past. I know it’s been several months since the breakup, and I feel good about it. But I just can’t help to get that bitter taste in my mouth every time I think back of how it ended. Not that I do it often, it rarely happens. I did a long post about all of this on my personal facebook page had several conversations in chat services and I was surprised. Surprised of how nice people reacted, surprised of how many close friends I’ve actually got and surprised that I, no matter what it is; Always will be respected for who I am, this was a wakeup call for me. I mean sure, my hair is getting longer and I have been loosing a few kilograms since I moved, and yet I feel good about it. No matter what, I’ve got my old folks around, new people I can talk to and hopefully I’ll even go away for the new years north of the arctic circle for new years eve.

But there is an underlying cause that I’m active here again, why I’m writing this all out of no where. I’m flattered that you still come around here and look things up, I know you still care about me deep inside, and I still care about you. This despite removed accounts and contacts, but that was just because I don’t know how I could possibly have a conversation with a straight face without thinking about how things turned out as they did. IF you want to keep contact and stay in touch with me, all I need is a like or a comment that makes me know that it is you. Because I will stand my ground, I am proud of who I am and all I know is that seeing after all the shit I’ve had to go through emotionally after that day several months ago, I will NOT be the one who crawls back for contact. Your move, if you want it, take this as a chance to contact me. Just to let me know, but be aware of that if you want me back, you’ll have a long road ahead of you. Or would that be breaking new commitments?


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