A fresh start – fall 2014: The move

One of the big headlines in my life (apart from the one stated in post “” that caused the break) I have also moved from my beloved small home town to the city of Umeå. Yes, you heard me, I have moved out. I do now have my own apartment with nice space just a few minutes from the city square, and despite it’s central location, it’s rather quiet. If you’re reading this and live nearby Umeå, keep an eye open for me at night as I do training outside for at least an hour every night. Yes, I’m starting a new chapter in my life, I’ve also done some changes to myself physically and more is to come, where the biggest changes will include my mental state and appearance where I intend to embrace my inner self even more, (physically, psychologically and aesthetically). Something worth mentioning is that my eating habits have changed and I do now need to wear a belt to all of the jeans I’ve got. Despite parted opinions about this matter, I’m happy about it and I feel that something is changing, slowly but I definitely feel it.

A week ago or so (when I started to consider to start up my social medias and sites again), when I went out on my evening training hour I met my old from Upper secondary school, and one of my closest friends). There I was, taking pictures around the newly rebuilt central train station of Umeå. I was so happy that we met up again, we had so much to talk to and I was glad that we still could talk like we used to back then, if not even more now. She was on her way south in business that could be a start of a future for her. I know you read this because I gave you the link, but I really hope we can keep contact and good luck. Go and show them what you’ve got girl!

I would also like to send my blessing to the families who lost their homes last month when their house was burnt down to the ground just a block away from my place. When I went out for a morning trip, I could smell the smoke in the air and see the ashes on the car outside the door, and when I got to where the house stood, the fire fighters were still there and it was still on fire. My blessing to the six families who lost everything, fortunately no one was hurt.

In other news; with temperatures around 10-13°C during the days and below freezing during the nights for the past two weeks and dropping, the fall is officially here. This is the start of a new chapter in my life, something I intend to make a new serie about.
Stay tuned, hit follow and if you wish to contact me, take a look at the contact page for more information.


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