Uma Obscura 2014

One of the biggest headlines of my life that has happened so far this year in my life within a positive aspect is Uma Obsura. This year, the Umeå alternative subculture festival Sunset Park has changed it’s name and moved indoors under the name of Uma Obscura. A festival that I, of course, attended to. Ever since I was unable to attend to it last year, I have wanted to attend to it this year, and as it became closer to the opening, more and more interesting names got added to the programme. Another thing that made this event special was that it was the kick-off of RTSI (Rätten Till Sin Identitet), which is a project most similar to S.O.P.H.I.E. and this is taking place within the borders of Sweden. The Main purpose of this is to raise awareness and add attacks to people of subcultures to to list of hate crimes where religion, race, ethnicity, nationality and sexual orientation already has been added. Around 50 individuals from all across the country gathered in Umeå for lectures and group activities. It was from this I met the majority of my new friends and new contacts and we all had one thing in common: the love of subcultures and the opinion that the hatred and prejudice should be fought back on a national level.

When I first got there I was a bit early, but since I ordered my two day pass in advance I could just walk in and claim it. The woman behind the counter, who I later was about to find out was the administrator of RTSI, was so sweet and was like a light source of her own, despite the black coloured hair, make-up, clothing or accessories. This if anything was a sign that I was on the right place, since you will rarely (sadly enough) see someone like that working at a desk in one of the popular buildings in Sweden. The fun thing is that when I stood there and got my pass for the weekend and studying the program even closer, I heard some techno music come closer and closer from the door that was about to be one of my strongest memories from this weekend. It when I looked up I saw Miss Adora BatBrat walk in with some others and really coloured up the place, colour-wise and energy wise alike.

Aurelio Voltaire
American Musician
His first Sweden visit
Adora BatBrat
Swedish Alternative Model and Designer
Sylvia Lancaster
Founder of Sophie Lancaster Foundation


With the Black market, concerts by famous and infamous local artists, a musical, fashion shows and lectures. I talked to Adora BatBrat (The Cybergoth Queen of Sweden), Sylvia Lancaster (founder of the Sophie Lancaster foundation) and Aureli Voultaire (American musican on his first ever visit to Sweden) and all of them are really nice people, even more beautiful in person. I’ve got signed cards, pictures or merchandise from all of them. (Voultaire even took my phone and took a selfie of us just for the heck of it). This really helped me realize that there are a lot of new people out there who are nice and that hope is not gone for me.

Apart from all of this, the musical “En Suggoth på taket” was performed. The swedish version of “A Shoggoth on the Roof”. A Horror Comic Musical Based on the musical “A fiddler on the roof”. A great musical with cultists, Cthulhu, corpse eaters and much more. This was the best musical I’ve ever watched, with a lot of humour, songs and catchy tunes, I really loved it and I recommend anyone who read this to watch this if you have the chance.

En Shoggoth på taket
av H.P. Lovecraft

I hope you guys are okay with my absence and I plan to be much more active. I have another post in stock for you and more about my move to Umeå and more. See you around, peace out.


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