The Watch and the Girl

This is a story we made up alternating one sentence at a time: The Watch and the Girl

Once upon a time, there was a watch who spent all its time telling people the time. But every time the watch told people the time the watch never ever got thanked or greeted. As a result of being used by everyone the watch watched the world go on around him while he seemed to be stuck in time. This caused the watch to turn back into himself and everything grew silent except for a little tick-tocking noise that was his heartbeat that was the only proof he had left that he was alive, apart from the pain caused by everyone.

One day a little girl saw his cracked face in a shop window where the clock was placed, but he just saw her as another person who wanted to take advantage of his services once again and then leave. She begged her mummy to buy her the cracked Snoopy watch in the window but her mother was rather sceptic to this. Still the little girl begged and pleaded and her mummy bought the watch, still not sure what her daughter saw in it. The little girl was rather ecstatic and got her little piggy bank out and counted her money to get her new watch fixed as her mother stood and examined the watch closer. They took it to the jewellers and got it fixed and the watch wasn’t sure what was going on, but he went through the transformation. When the mother saw him, she was stunned.

He was now a beautiful watch, a watch who still lived in denial and in emotional repression. The little girl got him ticking properly again and showed him off to all her friends, she was proud girl to have a beautiful Snoopy watch. Despite the girl being happy, the clock remained sceptic for the reasons of her kindness but the girl loved the watch. She polished him every evening, gave him a kiss before going to sleep at night and he was the first thing she looked at every morning. Slowly the watch slowly started to think that maybe she was different than everyone else, maybe she loved him for who he was and not because of his services.

As she grew older, she couldn’t wear the watch because it was too small, but she kept it with her and the clock still remained sceptic in the cogs deep within himself. When she had children, she passed it on to them and taught them to love it just like she had. Then he realized how he felt for her, but it was too late. He kept ticking, and he saw how her little girl grew up to be just like his previous owner. The new little girl treated him with as much love as her mummy did, the watch slowly embraced her to make her mother proud of him and hopefully that one day, he would love someone by all his cogs again.

The End

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