Graduation – Recap Post

As promised, here comes the recap post to give you all a picture of the situation at hand.
For the past couple of weeks I have been finishing classes, assignments and exams to get my hands on my examination grades. I have throughout these weeks been finishing more than 10 different assignments and got rewarded by relatively good grades. Seeing as I am the first year with our new School grading system (GY11) that has adopted the well known A-F system, we will have a much harder time to get A’s in comparison to following years but that is okay I believe. The past couple of weeks has been all about finishing off everything, now I’ve got my grades, passed the examination project and now I am 100%that I will graduate and nothing will change that.

The past couple of days I’ve spent being social in the individual studies room being social, helping and chatting with the teachers and other students, giving input and everything. We’ve had classes cancelled because they’re all finished, played games, watched series and had “fika”. I’ve already emptied my locker, returned my computer instead of buying it and I’ve been reading mainly, something I haven’t had the time to do in ages.

This is a quick recap and I don’t think my other posts will be as long as the Iceland series but it will be much more personal. Please let me know if you have any comments, suggestions or anything.
Follow, share or like, it really keeps my motivation up. Have a great time and I’ll let you know all about my graduation’s main events.


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