My Last words…

Hello everyone!
To all of you who have been reading this blog on and off throughout the time it’s been around,
I would like to thank you for that. But I have bad news for you I’m afraid.
I will not be bloging anymore, at least not here so from now on, this blog will be a dead blog with
no updates what so ever. However, I will not stop my blogging just because of that.
The blog you will be looking for now is named the same as this one, just with another address.
I will be more active there and there will be more blog series where one exclusively from Iceland is already up. I’m looking forward to keep writing to people who actually wants to take a part of my life and thoughts. Please comment, rate and follow, that would make me even more eager to write more and more.
Link to The Dove of Stone

I have had a great time here and thank you all for that.
But now I will leave, if you have any questions or anything, just feel free to message me, that will still be possible. The reason why I’m changing platform is because of the Layout, ability to follow, ask and share.
There is a front page to it where you can look at eventual planned activities, archives, polls and more.
But this does not end there, lately we’ve been trying to finish the new Our Voice Project website.
Take a look at my blog and you’ll get a hint of how that will be. I’ll update the links here whenever it’s done.

And lastly, today on April 18th 2014 I’ve been knowing you for two years, thank you for everything you’ve done to me and we’ll talk soon, Love you.

Over and out.


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